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Passion. Heritage. Storytelling.


Azza Fahmy,

Creative Director/Chairwoman

With a profound purpose, Azza Fahmy has taken the role of translating global cultures to the world, through her unique approach to both design and research, as well as craftsmanship preservation. Her vision and dedication have won her international recognition that boasts a diverse client list attracting jewellery connoisseurs from around the world.

Fatma Ghali,

Managing Director

Fatma Ghaly, with a strategic vision for the brand, has been driving the brand’s growth and success for the past decade. Developing the Azza Fahmy business from a home grown brand to an international luxury design house employing over 250 people retailing globally in more than 6 countries.

Amina Ghali,

Head Designer

Amina Ghali had a passion for jewellery design early on. Her desire to push the boundaries of design led to years of practice and research, after which she officially joined Azza Fahmy Jewellery in 2005. In 2016, she was listed among Britain’s “Professional Jeweller’s Hot 100”.

At your Service

From finding the perfect Azza Fahmy gift to jewelry styling advice, our client care experts are always here to help.

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